Most existing static site generators do a great job with text content, but treat media as an afterthought. InContext handles Markdown just as well as generators like Jekyll, and adds native support for photos and video. Adding support for additional media types is simply a matter of adding a new handler.

Getting Started

  1. Install Docker
  2. Clone the repository:

    git clone
  3. Add InContext to your path:

    export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/incontext
  4. Create and build a new site:

    incontext new my-new-site
    cd my-new-site
    incontext build


You can find documentation here.

Design Principles

To keep things simple, InContext follows some basic design principles:

  • No media type is more important than any other; images are just as important as text, as video, etc.
  • Every URL has a corresponding file backing it in the content directory of the site.


InContext is open source and we’re always happy to receive contributions.

Check out the open issues for somewhere to start.